Where we all at, at the moment?

Steve seeker at elkvalley.net
Tue Jan 18 21:39:06 CST 2005

See in text for my 2 cents worth....

At 05:06 PM 1/17/05, you wrote:
> > You're right.  In many ways, this is going to be more like one of Pete's
> > solo albums.  But, Roger's going to be singing

Good point - if it happens, and another Pete solo a-la PD, or White, or 
Empty Glass great.

>I hope the songs accommodate Roger's diminished range.  Sounds harsh,
>but I think Pete has the better, wider range at this stage in their lives.

Yes, but range is one part, put the two voices into a mix of songs on the 
same disc, with Roger's 'depth' or tonality....

> > and, allegedly, contributing songs!
>Wonder how many of those will get played live.

lucky number 1

> > How much of a "stir" has this new U2 album caused?  About what you're
> > describing, right?
>Well, VERTIGO has hit No.1 in the U.S., the U.K., & Canada.  I don't
>expect the new Who album to do that.  U2 has momentum.  They've
>been releasing albums & playing live shows practically nonstop since 1980.

And surviving 'Pop' and some other rather disappointing albums too!!

> > What can The Who do with about 1% of the publicity
>Hope for a Top Twenty?  Which, when said, doesn't sound so outrageous

Lucky 1

>What disturbs me is the way RGLB & ORW seemed to have been ignored
>by most radio stations.  I never heard either one on the radio.  I know they
>were played in other areas of the country.  And, despite in the Lewinski
>market, they never became "hits."
> > Sometimes really mediocre stuff is very popular.  Think 80's Genesis.

But are they even mediocre? I don't see them as radio fodder....in 
fact.....I was, and am disappointed by them (and by their exposure/lack 
there of too)

>Not a Genesis fan, sorry.
> >  Pete Townshend has never made a bad album, in my mind,
>IRON MAN is pretty bad.  IMO.

Pretty bad? Real bad possibly - coulda been my last PT purchase ever....but 
for a friend who helped.

> > What do you consider to be the last *great* album Pete or The Who
> > have released?

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