Where we all at, at the moment?

Steve seeker at elkvalley.net
Tue Jan 18 21:24:09 CST 2005

So, I've been thinking about this thread for some time - unable to clarify 
my thoughts - which may be where I am at this moment.

Do i think we'll see a new album? No. Same old same old story. Would I like 
to see one? Iguess, given that it drives.

BTW, PD moved me.

Do I think we'll see a tour? How much money do they need/want?

(cynical, I know)

Am I holding my breath for any more Who?


I have been enjoying Its Hard, and WBN on the car stereo.

I think that 'The Who' has been finally assigned to my 'history' bin now. A 
part of my past, a passion, but not a present.


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