Wholapalooza III update

Alan McKendree amck at thenetdr.com
Tue Jan 18 21:06:07 CST 2005

This from Scott Pottersmith, aka Ozzie, who some of you know.  He's 
soliciting funds for Wholapalooza III.  The original announcement from 
late November appears below this latest communique, FYI. You can 
contact Ozzie at idigwhochicks at hotmail.com.  About $1,000 has been 
pledged so far:

  Whola III update 1/18/05

  Hello everyone,
  Our current total for WHOLA III is about $1000.00 or 20% of what we
  need to go forward. I didn't see any posts about anyone putting out
  the word to the other list, so I'm not sure if that happened. We
  have a little less than two weeks to go in the pledge drive. I was
  getting really psyched last week when it shot up from 200.00 to over
  a 1000.00, but we are a long way from the goal. Two more updates to
  go, so we'll see what happens.
  Love and Peace,

  I will start serious work on this in February if we get the $5000.00
  in start-up funds, or will contently put my vision of Whola III to
  rest. We need 50 $100.00 pledges, or 1 $5000.00 pledge, or any
  combination. I'll report in weekly with the pledge progress, and
  January 31st will be the deadline for email responses. In light of
  the sad state of affairs in Asia, a Wholapalooza might seem a tad
  bit self indulgent to be raising money for, but I believe life goes
  on and happiness can find a place in your life, even among the
  sorrows of the world.
  Peace and love from Kidderminster,

*******Original announcement:

Whola III is set in my mind, and for better or worse, will be very much
“the world according to ozzie.” That’s not to say I will not be
considering all input, as well as needing help, but I have a final
product in mind and that is what I hope to produce. I believe there are
many individuals in our Whola community that could come up with a
vision and bring it forward to creation, and there will be plenty of
room, and time for those people to step up and run with their visions
in the future. After Whola III, I will be handing the Whola reins to
someone seriously insane enough to take them. The group efforts that
produced Whola I and II were truly an amazing experience, if not a bit
frantic. The output of generosity in spirit, time and money was mind
blowing. Wholas 2.5 and 2.75 were equally wonderful, shorter, and much
less frantic. I hope to combine the positive aspects of all the
previous Wholas to produce a spectacular Whola Community event.

So with that said, let me lay out a very abstruse outline to this

Date: October 7-9, 2005, in celebration of The Who and Quadrophenia.
(and of course, for those who like to celebrate births, it is the
month, and weekend, the Universe gave us John.)

Length: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (I’ve dropped my idea for the
Memorial Day weekend, but I would like to start With a Friday morning
Who breakfast for the people arriving to help setup, and then
officially, Friday Late afternoon with the opening event, and finishing
with a Sunday Brunch. If we have enough people taking off Monday and
making it their travel day, I’d love to schedule some type of event on
Sunday night.)


Memorabilia display, socializing, and Guest speakers. God, gods,
spirits and the Universe willing, Irish Jack and his embodiment of Who
fandom, will return to head the list. All others will be icing on the
cake. (And there will be others!) The all important WHO Toy Table
giveaway will find its place.

  A Theatre get-together for in-depth film and boot presentation. If I
could wave a wand this would include participation from our brothers
Marc, Mike, and Terry, and sister Trish doing her Video Interruptus, as
well  as Jeff Stein doing a segment on the “Special Additions” in TKAA.

A Mod fashion show led by “Daddy Mod Max” with The Kidderminster
Menagerie providing a 60s “British Invasion” live musical

Live Performances by our family of Who Tribs! (You all know the bands I
expect to be there.)

So there you have it! WHOLA III NY 2005

Now for the small print. This project will need upfront financing to
the tune of $5000.00. This money will be needed for airfares, hotels,
room rentals, printing, and myriad extraneous costs. I will be upfront
in saying that my costs to attend will be part of that budget, and I
believe it will be deservedly so. I’m asking for $100.00 donations from
those that can afford to do so. What you will get, other than
recognition for your support, will be determined by total amount
raised, and the balance after specifics have been paid for.  So going
in, all you’re guaranteed is being part of the force that makes this
thing take off. The only thing that will get in the way of Whola III,
if the money is raised, is the band announcing a tour that conflicts
with our dates. If that occurs, I’d put it up to a vote to all who
donated, and we would either go ahead with the plan, or refund all
unused monies. If a vote is held, and the majority wants to go forward,
you will still have an opportunity to get your money back if you vote
in opposition, and you truly want a refund.

I’d like you to consider the possibility of supporting the initial
fundraising for Whola III. I ask that you send me an email with your
willingness to contribute the $100.00. I’ll resend this notice out
again in January and request another round of email confirmations. If
by February, we have our 50 confirmations, I’ll set up some type of
fund to receive the monies. I’ll then ask that the donations be
received by March 1st 2005. If all goes well, then the real work
begins. If we don’t get the full amount, I’ll refund all donations,
after conferring with the people that have donated. If the
participation is there, this will happen. I turn it over to you, and
the Universe.

Love to all,


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