This ain't no Stones album....

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Tue Jan 18 08:59:48 CST 2005

Take 2...

>Scott Schrade
>Where we all at, at the moment?
>> If the Rolling Stones don't get the attention of casual fans like me,

>> then
>> The Who are not going to be causing a stir among anyone but devoted 
>> fans, like all of us here.  And, selfishly, I'm fine with that.
>More selfishly, I'm not fine with that.  I want a great album.  A great


I wouldn't be fine with that either.

But, this is different than just another in a long line of Rolling
Stones releases, right on schedule, every 2 years or so, followed by yet
another HUGE tour with all the stage flash that we've come to know (and
be bored with).
"*THIS!* THIS, is going to be different!"
This will be the first new Who album in over 23 years!
And, judging from the way the press seems to be pouncing on any new
information that pops up on Pete's (ahem, The Who's) web site, there is
a good degree of anticipation about it.  Hell, it's been talked about in
the "it's coming" status for over 2 years now. Good or bad, it *will*
cause a stir.

But, as Schradelheimer so acutely pointed out.....IT NEEDS TO BE

So many unknowns...
Kevin in VT

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