Houston 75

Bruce bkawak at chartertn.net
Mon Jan 17 23:31:50 CST 2005

> >In house video goes back to at least late 60s. Projection screens were 
> >used
> as far back as 1971 at Who concerts.  I would also suggest The Who had no
> knowledge of the show being filmed until they saw the screen that night 
> and
> just as quickly forgot about it.
> This is the Houston video you're talking about?  And you're saying this is 
> a reel from the screen projection instead of a pro film crew for official 
> release?

Yes on both accounts.  It's use was the same as the Pontiac '75 video.  It 
was projected on a screen so people in the back could see the band better 
during the show.

> According to the guy at Soho Doorway, there was a professional film crew 
> there that filmed the show for release, but when it turned out to be a 
> poor show, The Who changed their minds.  Is this wrong?

I wasn't there so I can't say.  However, it was the mid-70s and a pro-film 
crew recording a concert for release would have been using film right not 
video?  Video was for "live" closed circuit broadcasts.  Film has to be 
developed, video can be shown real time, which is what you need if your 
projecting onto a screen at a concert in real time.

> Can we tell which it is when we see the show?   The projection reels now 
> have no ambience, right?  Would it have been the same then?

I'm guessing it will look like the Pontiac (the boot video, NOT the clip 
from TKAA which has been transferred onto film) and Cleveland  '75 videos 
that have been around for years..  Notice how "professional" those look, I 
think Pontiac has three cameras and Cleveland two (both in the exact same 
spot!)  By contrast the Shepperton show which was filmed for use in a movie 
had six "film" cameras running.


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