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Jim Meninno jim_meninno at
Mon Jan 17 23:09:53 CST 2005

Here's a programme I'd love to hear.  Hope they make it available on-line.  And, what's Pete doing in NY?  Hmmmm.

Jim M

17 January 2005 
Leeds revisited 

BBC Radio 4 are broadcasting a programme tomorrow (Jan 18) about the Who's famous gig, and album, recorded at Leeds University on Feb 14 1970.

Entitled 'For One Night Only' the BBC describes the programme thus: 'Valentine's Night, 1970. Leeds University Refectory. On stage - The Who. Widely acknowledged as one of the best live rock albums, this concert marked a turning point in the band's wild, guitar smashing career. From hereon, they were a mainstream rock band.

Paul Gambaccini listens to the album and travels to Leeds to meet people who were at this historic gig, both on stage and in the audience. ' 

The programme will be broadcast at 13.30 hours.

Pete was due to be interviewed for the show but was in NY when the interview was scheduled. He was trying to do it in the BBC's NY studio but I'm not sure yet if that happened.

Thanks to Ian Moorcroft for passing on the infomation.


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