Houston 75

Bruce bkawak at chartertn.net
Mon Jan 17 22:52:46 CST 2005

> If The Who paid for the film to be made, then it's theirs, and the guy who 
> had it in his garage had no right to sell it.

The Who had nothing to do with making the video it was done by the venue, 
hence the term "in-house video".  The venue owned the equipment and filmed 
it themselves to use as a back projection.  It was no use to them afterwards 
and it was soon forgotten about.

 Then the offerto The Who
> sounds more like extortion or maybe ransom.   Wasn't the asking price 
> $40,000?  Hmmm.   A bit steep for something you already own.
You can ask for the moon but getting someone to buy it is another thing. 
The other thing one must take into account with situations where no one 
involved is talking and everyone else is speculating, is the reality rarely 
lives up to the rumour.

Case in point, when the Who's Next outtakes showed up on the "Lifehouse to 
Leeds" bootleg all kinds of wild tales  abound.  The story went that a 
bootlegger paid someone $10,000 in a cloak & dagger deal right out of the 
cold war for the tapes.  The truth is the tapes were sold at a "public" 
Sothebys auction in London for $1,000, barely making the bottom end of the 
estimated 500-700 pound value.


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