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Mon Jan 17 22:43:30 CST 2005

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> I hope the songs accommodate Roger's diminished range.

I thought they handled that well on the new songs.  I liked Roger's 
performance on RGLB a lot.

> Wonder how many [Daltrey songs] will get played live.

I guess...one.

> Well, VERTIGO has hit No.1 in the U.S., the U.K., & Canada.  I don't
> expect the new Who album to do that.  U2 has momentum.  They've
> been releasing albums & playing live shows practically nonstop since 1980.

Right, and even with that going for them and the incredible amount of 
publicity, after just a few weeks the album has fallen into the teens.  On 
the Billboard album chart from 15 years ago, all but one of the top 12 
albums had been in the charts for over a year, and the other one had been in 
for 48 weeks!


Da da da da da things have changed....

> Hope for a Top Twenty?  Which, when said, doesn't sound so outrageous
> to me.  Haven't their recent greatest hits comps been charting well in the
> U.K.?  And fairly well in the States?

I guess that's reasonable.  "According to Melody Maker our new album reached 
number 18, for about 'alf an hour!"

> What disturbs me is the way RGLB & ORW seemed to have been ignored
> by most radio stations.  I never heard either one on the radio.

I think significant radio play might be out of the question.  I don't know, 
is radio even relevant anymore?

> IRON MAN is pretty bad.  IMO.

I disagree, but then I don't think the new album will bear any resemblance 
to Iron Man, so I guess that doesn't matter.

> Pete's last great album was WHITE CITY.  The Who's last great album
> was A QUICK ONE.  Ha!  Just kidding.  I guess The Who's last great
> album was WHO ARE YOU - an arguable statement, I realize.

OK, then I think great is possible.  As long as we're not expecting another 
Quadrophenia.  The biggest question mark for me is what on earth the songs 
will be *about*.  Pete has announced it won't be a concept album.  That's 
bad news, as far as I'm concerned.  Pete's best work has always been on 
concept albums and his last two songs have been tributes to dead people. 
I'd kind of like a cohesive story to keep him focused.  But, since we're not 
going to get that, what do we think he will write about?  I guess that's the 
thread Joe started (and a damn fine one it is, too).

Jim M 

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