Houston 75

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 17 22:01:13 CST 2005

>Eventually the cameraman's son found it in the garage.  It was
bought or otherwise acquired (can't remember) from him by someone who
offered it to sell it to The Who's management, for a possible legit
release.  They refused to buy it (for fear they'd lose money on the
release), but also refused to authorize the new owner to release it
himself (for fear he'd make a mint, and they'd look like idiots).

I dunno that this analysis sounds quite right.  ;)

If The Who paid for the film to be made, then it's theirs, and the guy who 
had it in his garage had no right to sell it.  Then the offerto The Who 
sounds more like extortion or maybe ransom.   Wasn't the asking price 
$40,000?  Hmmm.   A bit steep for something you already own.

Of course it's Who and Who management's fault this came back at them, but 
once they've been slack enough to let it get away (possession is 90 percent 
of the law, right?), then about all they can do is stonewall the release.


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