Houston 75 (Take 4)

Bruce bkawak at chartertn.net
Mon Jan 17 17:11:33 CST 2005

> As I remember the story, the original 3/4" tape from the in-house 
> closed-circuit TV was apparently carried home at some point by one of the 
> cameramen -- perhaps the venue kept it initially, and then when The Who 
> decided not to release it they just forgot about it and left it with the 
> venue.  (I believe it was the first use of this in-house CCTV system.)

In house video goes back to at least late 60s. Projection screens were used 
as far back as 1971 at Who concerts.  I would also suggest The Who had no 
knowledge of the show being filmed until they saw the screen that night and 
just as quickly forgot about it.  Remember home video wasn't "home video" in 
the mid 70s.  There are many of these gems currently rotting in someone's 
basement, garage, or warehouse.  Be thankful this one was spared.

>From there, I don't know how the audio and now video boots
> leaked out.  More specifically, I don't know if the release under 
> discussion is directly from that group of investors or from someone they 
> trusted in error.

Trust no one.  I've said it a hundred times if you don't want something 
leaked out, don't make copies. Granted, I'm glad people do. :)

> FWIW, I was at that show too.

How about a review? 

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