Discovering The Who - Aw-ree?

Sigel, James (N-CSC) james.sigel at
Mon Jan 17 15:57:29 CST 2005


>Isn't it funny how the non-Who freaks on occasion will discover a
>Who performance that blows them away & they act surprised?  Like,
>"Wow, that band The Who that you're always talking about is really

Yes!  A couple of months ago, I posted how I was trying to enlighten the
bass player in my band by lending him my copy of Quadrophenia.  Sadly at
the time, he thought is was "okay".  But now...  I've been quietly
sneaking in some Who from time to time when we're around listening to
music, and now he asks me, "Hey, do you have any Who?"  He's becoming a
big Who fan - "Dude, how did The Who slip passed me?"  Because you
weren't listening!  Being a bass player, I figured he could get into The
Ox.  Surprise - he used to think the bass player from Sublime was the
shit, but now Mr. Entwistle is his hero!


>I also noticed (no Who content following, hit delete 
>now) that in the post-show interview, Bonnie Infobabe from the network 
>interviewed the losing coach, Tony Dungy, and asked him when his plans 
>went "awe-ree" (awry).  I about lost it :-D.

I thought I was the only one who caught that!  I asked the guys I worked
with if they'd saw/heard that and no one did.  "Aw-ree".  Aw-some.  I
just read an article about how the sideline-babes were sports savvy and
not there just to look good.  Looks like the question writers should be
careful about such big words.

Jim in Colorado

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