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Mon Jan 17 14:38:36 CST 2005

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> Date: January 16, 2005 6:56:29 PM CST
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> The New England Patriots, defending Super Bowl champs, weren't given a
> snowball's chance in hell of beating the Colts today, not even by the 
> New  England
> press.  With 38 seconds left and a score of 20 Patriots, 3 Colts,  the 
> stadium
> loudspeaker blared "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss".   Heh.

I noticed that!  I also noticed (no Who content following, hit delete 
now) that in the post-show interview, Bonnie Infobabe from the network 
interviewed the losing coach, Tony Dungy, and asked him when his plans 
went "awe-ree" (awry).  I about lost it :-D.  (Tony didn't even notice, 
he just recited the usual answer.)

Alan McKendree
"the average Texan...carries not just a gun but a SHOTGUN."  --Pete 
Townshend, 1967

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