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Scott Schrade schrade at
Mon Jan 17 13:53:21 CST 2005

> Wish we could confirm studio time.

Keep in mind that a studio time confirmation won't necessarily be
100% proof that any CD will be released.  Perhaps Pete & Roger
will decide they don't have enough good material for a full-length
CD & instead will give us two or three songs via some kind of
download purchase.

> How much time do you give before you tour a new album?
> Shouldn't there be some digestion time in between?
> How does that work?

It depends.  The tours have to be booked well in advance.  If
studio time goes well, then the new release can be on the shelves
months before the tour starts.  If studio time goes bad (example: 
a different producer needs to be brought in), then the CD might
not be released until after the tour has already started.  It basically
comes down to how well things go in the studio.

> I think Roger is being premature on this.  Shouldn't ya wait to see 
> what sorts of songs come out and how they're received.

Even if the CD is chock full of good songs, they'll still be unfamiliar
to most of the audience at a live show, IMO.  Therefore, they'll be
duds, as far as live numbers go.  Maybe.

I just don't think The Who is looked at as a new music-producing
entity by the general rock fan anymore.  The majority at shows want
to hear "Pinball Wizard" & "Won't Get Fooled Again," not Joe Lew-
inski's "Womb" song.  (!) 

> If there's no time for people to buy and digest, then they'll expect 
> more hits. 

I think people could have a year to digest the new CD & they'd still
want only the hits.  Unless it becomes some kind of freak, monster,
smash hit, on par with Santana's SUPERNATURAL - which *could*
happen, I suppose.  But anything in the low-reaction to medium-reac-
tion range will completely fly under the radar of the general rock fan.
> But, they got this DVD to see Stones, Clapton, John Lennon, etc.  
> The Who part was a bit of a surprise, and then went and made the 
> most impact.

Isn't it funny how the non-Who freaks on occasion will discover a
Who performance that blows them away & they act surprised?  Like,
"Wow, that band The Who that you're always talking about is really
good!"  And we're like, "Well,.....yeah."  That's the way it was after
the CFNY performance.  People were like, "Man, did you see The 
Who, Schrade?!  They were great!"  Duh.  What the fuck have I 
been going on about these past 20 years?  Catch up!

- SCHRADE in Akron

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