Continued problems with The Who Mailing List

Paul M. Moriarty pmm at
Mon Jan 17 11:00:50 CST 2005


Here's where it's at.

As of today, everyone should be capable of rejoining except if you're ISP
is Earthlink, Mindspring or Netcom (the same ISP, actually).

If you are still not a member, try at  - unless you are with one
of the above ISPs.  If you still cannot subscribe, send me mail at -
pay attention to the address now - pmm at (that's two igtc's).

I count just over 200 people who have not rejoined at the new location.

My new ISP gave me an IP address that was previously configured to be
what is called an "open mail relay". Grrrr...  I have cleared this up
with everybody but Earthlink (and their subsidiaries).

I have followed Earthlink's procedure for clearing this up, but have
not received a reply.  The ticket number there is AB0000000264474 in
the Abuse dept.

If you are one of the affected people, please contact the Abuse Dept at
Earthlink and ask them why they haven't fixed this.  You are, after all,
one of their paying customers.

While I do not fully understand why some posts are not making it to
the list, I have removed the anti-spam prefilter as of this morning.
This should fix that problem.  I will have to deal with another 1000
spams per day though.  That's right.  1000.  Every day.  Just to keep
the lists spam-free.

Also, this change was done with the intent of making the list more
reliable.  Not less.  Oh, and a little easier for me to maintain.
It hasn't fulfilled either of these expectations yet.  I'm confident
it will.

My apologies for the inconvenience and I ask for you continued patience
while I try to smooth things out.

- Paul -

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