Pep Me Up (Take 2)

L. Bird pkeets at
Sun Jan 16 23:26:02 CST 2005

This is hilarious.  Obviously Pete should let the fans handle titles and 
themes for the new cds.  :)


>Here's the other songs I see The Who playing from their
new Album titled "Who's That?"  (speculation alert!)

"Yearly Mid-life Crisis"        The ups and downs of life as an aging 
                         with an intense and addictive personality.
"Driven To Sanity"              A look at the battle to remain relevent
                         without looking like you're trying to remain 
"Certified Rose"                Real title of Roger penned song.   I have no
                         idea what it's about.
"Love Wave"                     How the waves in the Indian ocean have
                         the initial effect of destruction, but the
eventual effect
                                 to bring the world closer.
"Back To The Womb"              A song full of double meanings about female
                         genitalia, Oedipus complex, grudge sex, old-age in
                         a mature marriage.

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