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Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Sun Jan 16 19:24:18 CST 2005

Trying this for the third time...

>Scott Schrade
>Pep Me Up
>Well, let's speculate:


>If they *do* release a new album

Wish we could confirm studio time.

>& then tour

How much time do you give before you tour a new album?
Shouldn't there be some digestion time in between?
How does that work?

>how many new songs might they put in the set?  Roger says
>you gotta play the hits or else the fans get mad.

That part of the interview jumped out at me too.
I would (and did) have thought more than four, but Roger shot that one down 
for me.
Wasn't that the number Roger gave?

>Three new songs in the set?  Two?  Four?  Eight?
>What's your guess?

I think Roger is being premature on this.  Shouldn't ya wait to see what 
sorts of songs come out and how they're received.
This is where the amount of time between album and tour becomes important.
If there's no time for people to buy and digest, then they'll expect more 
hits. If the album sucks (Damn! A lightning bolt!) then the same could be 
said for giving too much digestion time.
BUT, if the album rocks, and starts catching fire......! ? ! ?

Either way, I'm thinking 3-4 if mellow and not well received, and 5-6 (max) 
if they groove in the set list (flow together, compliment, etc.) with past 

Changing gears.........
I received some confirmation last night on my theory about AQO being brought 
out this tour.
Out at the local pub for a couple hours of beer and grub after work.  My 
friends from down the road excitedly announced to me that they had seen some 
Who footage that they were sure I hadn't seen.
Everyone else at the table looked and was like "ohhhh man, I don't know! 
That's quite a claim."
They had rented the Rolling Stone R&R Circus DVD.
After I popped their bubble by obviously knowing about AQO, and particularly 
that footage, we chatted a bit about the quality.
Not surprising, they thought it was vicious and incredible.  They kept 
talking about Moon, and how tight the whole thing was.
These guys are very mild Who fans.  They know the songs.  They love the 
songs.  They were in Boston for the first show in 2002.
But, they got this DVD to see Stones, Clapton, John Lennon, etc.  The Who 
part was a bit of a surprise, and then went and made the most impact.
My friends aren't any different than most good music fans.
This could be a good boost for The Who.
It's time to PLAY IT LIVE!!!!

(think that helped?)
Kevin in VT

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