Where we all at, at the moment?

Scott Schrade schrade at akrobiz.com
Sun Jan 16 19:08:10 CST 2005

> I'll continue to suck the marrow out of life every chance I get.

Ha!  That's a good way of looking at it!  Every last drop, every last

> I started my "remaining hours" about 22 years ago, or so.

Well said.  In 1983, I thought I'd never see The Who live.  Some 
would say I still haven't.

> Be happy and climb a good mountain every chance you get.


> Be ecstatic when you could just be happy.  Be pissed when you 
> could just be irritated.  Wallow in sorrow, when you could just be 
> sad.

In short, be bipolar!  ;-)  Fucker.  

> >You'll <Schrade> get to complain about all that new stuff in the 
> > set list this summer that makes the whole show into a pee break.  
> I've never known Schrade to be that guy.

I've known no war.  (?)

> I'll bet he's more like me, looking forward to the new material more 
> than the same old hits.

I guess I am.  It all just seems less exciting now that OX is gone.  Like
beating a dead horse.  An afterthought.  An "Oh well, let's do one more
album" sense of passivity.

Of course I'm saying all this without any knowledge of the album.  Once
I actually get to taste some of that deep, Pete, musical literature, my
tune may change.  Maybe I should look at this possible upcoming "Who"
album as a hopefully, really kick-ass Pete solo album.  (I hear IRON
MAN laughing at me in the background.)

> Oh, join us Simon!
> I'm a master Who-Who-Who'er.

After the 2000 tour, Flannery's Bar in Cleveland had to post new rules 
about customer behavior thanks to Kevin.   

> In a bar.  On a NY street corner.

Ha!  He scared tourists!  I saw it!  Actually, he sorta frightened me &
Jon from MI, too.

> It doesn't matter.
> Let your Who-ness shine!  (?)

This little light of mine.....

> Or, is there anyone here who thinks this can lead to something more?

More what?  More albums?  Uh, no.  More tours?  Maybe.

> More beer for me!!!!!!!  (I'm really not a big drinker....for the record)

Ha!  Good one!

> AQO and Melancholia would get the remaining excitement up there too.

Ha!  "Melancholia!"  Good one!

> After this long a wait, it's got to be something that breaks down the door, 
> enters the cowboy, and asks..."who's the fucker down there at the end of 
> the bar?"
> Know what I mean???

Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.  It's gotta be a bit of a ball-buster.  Like
their performance at CFNY, it's gotta make people say, "Wow."

> > I've never done that before <sleeping with Schrade....ummm...I mean 
> > partying in NY>, 

You'll have a blast!  I hardly snore at all.

> > and this could be my last chance.  Count me in.
> Ha!  We've heard that before!
> Be afraid.  Be very afraid!

Bring plenty of money & be prepared to pound beers.  Oh yeah, there's
usually a Who concert involved, too.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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