Rog vs. Pete

Scott Schrade schrade at
Sun Jan 16 12:16:04 CST 2005

> > When you look at this the other way, Roger has pushed Pete into 
> > the rock star thing.
> I don't buy that for a moment.  I don't buy it when Pete says it, either. 
> Yeah poor me had to go up on stage and play with this rotten band, bla, bla, 
> bla... Those crappy fans cheering me and showering me with adulation.

Yeah, I agree.  Maybe in the early days there was a side of Pete which
wanted to "combat" Roger as the perceived leader of the band.  In that 
sense, Roger prompted Pete to come out of his shell.  But Pete was pre-
destined (says the skeptic) to achieve rock star status.  Look at the way
he embraced rock's ideals, how he championed rock as true art, &, in
so doing, became arguably the most passionate, intelligent spokesperson
for the medium.  Pete was primed for stardom the moment he vowed, as
a kid, to push his big nose out from every newspaper in Britain.

> So Pete shouldn't be bashing The Who, 'cause without The Who he 
> never would have had a chance to even *try* being a successful solo 
> artist.  

He's still seems to feel somewhat embarrassed that he was in The Who.
A bit of unhealthy social Darwinism creeping out from his psyche.  Which
begs the question:  Why didn't he quit sooner?  And why is he still fooling
around with the main yobbo (Daltrey) from the group?

- SCHRADE in Akron

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