Pep Me Up (Take 2)

L. Bird pkeets at
Sat Jan 15 22:21:02 CST 2005

>Well, let's speculate:  If they *do* release a new album & then
tour, how many new songs might they put in the set?  Roger says
you gotta play the hits or else the fans get mad.

>Three new songs in the set?  Two?  Four?  Eight?

>What's your guess?

My reply to this went missing, so I'll try it again:

Eight, if they follow their usual set list.  Roger says they have about one 
third of the set list to switch out, and if if they use all those slots it 
would be about eight.

Unless the do something like the Quad tour, of course, where they play the 
whole album, and confine the greatest hits to the encore.  Since this isn't 
supposed to be an opera, though, I'll go with the eight.


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