Townshend in Daily Mail

L. Bird pkeets at
Fri Jan 14 05:18:54 CST 2005

>Quote: "Former Who guitarist Townshend, who was placed
on the sex offenders' register after accepting a
police caution for paying to access a child porn
internet site, has admitted he considered killing
himself when it emerged in 2003 that he'd downloaded
images" unqoute.

That's all accurate except the "downloaded" part, as Pete said he only 
looked at the index but didn't take the subscription or download anything.  
I'll send them an email about it.  You're right that it's slanted to make 
him look as bad as possible.  If they were on his side they would have said 
"investigated and cleared."

>Sounds pretty libelous to me but i guess you're right;
he is better off trying to forget it. It just riles me
that people not in the know will brand him.

That's the point, of course.   :\


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