Where we all at, at the moment?

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at gmavt.net
Thu Jan 13 20:43:32 CST 2005

>Scott Schrade
>Where we all at, at the moment?
>I *do* relish traveling & hanging out with other Who freaks.  That's what
>it boils down to for me. <snip>
>The freaks.


>The Who freaks.


>My friends.  That's who I want to see.
>Beers, laughter, deep conversations, New York City,....that's what I

I'm with ya, me brotha!

>"Oh darn, look at the time, everybody.  Finish your beers.  We have to
>leave for the Who concert.  Pino awaits.  And just when things were get-
>ting interesting....."

It really was a pretty neat feeling to be having such a good time just being 
in NY, carousing about, and then still having a Who concert to go to.
Very much looking forward to replicating that experience, and then some.
Right, JOE!   :-)
We're going to handcuff ourselves to you this time!

>That's where I'm at.  Pep me.

Say what??? (!)

>Alan McKendree
>Where we all at, at the moment?
>> "That's unbelievable, if true."  (Like that, Alan?  ;-)
>I do :-).  Thanks for the shout-out.

Hey, it was fitting!

>a hefty portion of the ecstasy of a Who
>show, for me, went with him <OX, who else?>.


>I may be getting old.

May?  Have you looked in the mirror lately?
;-)  Says the man staring at 40 this year.

 >An acquaintance
>said to me last week, "The number is 70.  Subtract your age.  That's
>years.  How many months is that?  How many days?  How many hours?  What
>do you want to get done before those hours are gone?  What are you
>doing *this* hour to achieve it?"

I'll continue to suck the marrow out of life every chance I get.
I started my "remaining hours" about 22 years ago, or so.
Be happy and climb a good mountain every chance you get.
Be ecstatic when you could just be happy.  Be pissed when you could just be 
irritated.  Wallow in sorrow, when you could just be sad.
Oh, and jump, even when you're afraid.

>And I *haven't* been drinking.

That's easily curable.  ;-)

>L. Bird pkeets
>Pep Me Up
>You'll <Schrade> get to complain about all that new stuff in the set list 
>summer that makes the whole show into a pee break.  Ha.

I've never known Schrade to be that guy.
I'll bet he's more like me, looking forward to the new material more than 
the same old hits.

>simon malia
>Where we all at, at the moment?
>Now Scott - you say you need pepping up re The Who. Me too! I'm with you 
>per cent of the way in all you say about the live experience as it is now.

Welcome to the club!

>Personally, I'm more looking forward (hoping) to the new material: I still
>like "RGLB" and "ORW" - a LOT.

Me too.  But, also scared!

>Who, Who, Who .. y'see - it's easy (mind you, I've never actually done any
>of that who-whoing at a gig yet .. but if it helps the pep-factor, let's go
>for it.)

Oh, join us Simon!
I'm a master Who-Who-Who'er.
In a bar. On a NY street corner.
It doesn't matter.
Let your Who-ness shine!  (?)

>Bird pkeets
>The Who Mailing List Digest, V12 #5L
>>why am i getting all the who mail bunched up together?
>Because your mail option is set to digest?

Either that, or all your Who mail is cold!
Bahaha!  Hmm.

>Jim M NakedI
>Where we all at, at the moment?

Uh ohhhh, here comes trouble with a capital Boston.

>> We know there's Who activity a foot.
>> But, for some reason it feels somehow ....umm...anti-climatic?
>> Is that pessimism, or fear?
>Just you wait until you're rushing out of your local record store with a
>copy of the new album in your hands, trying to rip off that stupid plastic
>wrapper before you get to your Jeep.  There'll be some excitement there,

Yeah, but it will be tempered by the fact that it will truly be the last 
Or, is there anyone here who thinks this can lead to something more?


I'm a Miller Light man, myself.
Actually, my favoriate beer is Magic Hat's Mother Lager.
Too bad for all you losers, it's been discontinued outside of VT!
More beer for me!!!!!!!  (I'm really not a big drinker....for the record)

>> I find myself thinking about the 'what could have been.'
>> Ox.
>Well, STOP IT.

I can't help it!

>Yes, it's a tragedy.  But, he's gone.  We can appreciate
>what we have without forgetting what we've lost.

Say that again?

>If an album comes out and a tour is announced and you're STILL not excited,
>I'll drive up to VT and open up a can o' pep talk on yo' ass.

My excitement for new drops of music and words from Mr. Pete Townshend will 
be present.
My excitement for good times and fun with Who nutter friends like 
Schradelheimer, JOE "I don't want to be running around NY at all hours of 
the night looking for my friends" Philly, Jon in MI (I know you're reading, 
mother BLEEP-er!), will be on overdrive.
AQO and Melancholia would get the remaining excitement up there too.

>I'm expecting something personal, like By Numbers, but with a more positive
>outlook, and a sound something like Psychoderelict.  How does that sound to

Actually, blech.
After this long a wait, it's got to be something that breaks down the door, 
enters the cowboy, and asks..."who's the fucker down there at the end of the 
Know what I mean???
It's got to be a challenge.

>I've never done that before <sleeping with Schrade....ummm...I mean 
>partying in NY>, and this could be my last chance.  Count me in.

Ha!  We've heard that before!
Be afraid.  Be very afraid!

Kevin in VT
(What's with these temps in the upper 50's, and where the hell is all my 

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