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Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at gmavt.net
Thu Jan 13 19:41:03 CST 2005

I've tried to send this a couple times from work, but no go.
So, here from home....

>L. Bird pkeets
>Rog vs. Pete
>>Now, he comes across as quite a refined and intellectual sort of a
>>bloke. He's no fool. Pete pushed him.
>>And, in the same way...Rog tempered Pete.
>Tempered the intellectual Pete, you mean?

Let's call it "helping keep Pete's 'Artsey-Fartsey'-ness in check."

>When you look at this the other
>way, Roger has pushed Pete into the rock star thing.

I don't buy that for a moment.  I don't buy it when Pete says it, either. 
Yeah poor me had to go up on stage and play with this rotten band, bla, bla, 
bla... Those crappy fans cheering me and showering me with adulation. Up 
until Quad, I've never seen video of Pete where he didn't look like he was 
having a blast being "King" of the world. He could have said "no." No one 
put a gun to his head. No one prevented him from turning his back on the 
whole thing. Don't believe for a moment that Pete wasn't having a blast and 
wouldn't have traded his place with anyone and for anything. Would Pete 
rather have been a wildly successful solo artist?  Sure. He tried it and 
failed (to a degree).
So Pete shouldn't be bashing The Who, 'cause without The Who he never would 
have had a chance to even *try* being a successful solo artist.  Why ya 
think he's even back with The Who????

Pete wasn't pushed into the rock star thing.
If anything, Roger showed Pete the sweet nectar of success, and Pete himself 
wanted more. It's the failure of achieving more (not being as big as 
Clapton, or Bowie, or Mick, or Hendrix) that makes Pete lose sleep at night 
(if he does).

Kevin in VT

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