Townshend in Daily Mail

L. Bird pkeets at
Thu Jan 13 19:18:29 CST 2005

>I sent an email to him via an eelpie address alerting
him to the fact but i guess his head is still in the
sand with regards to how the public perceive him.

I still see these from time to time, but I've quit posting them unless they 
have dreadful inaccuracies that need to be pointed out to the editors.  In 
that case I've been posting them at PeteTownshendWitchHunt or some of the 
other lists where someone is likely to write and complain.

My understanding is that Pete wants to conduct his life like this didn't 
happen as a way to get back to normal.  It appears to be a good strategy, as 
the music world seems to have accepted that he was innocent and gone about 
its business.  Concerts are well-attended, etc. which must really annoy 
folks who want to make the dirt stick.

When did the Daily Mail publish their article and what did it way?  The 
latest I see on their website is from 2003.   However, I do see a similar 
one published in the Telegraph that says:

"British suspects include lawyers, doctors, teachers and police officers. 
Pete Townshend, the guitarist with The Who, was cautioned. Many, even though 
they may not go to prison, have faced shame and professional disgrace."

This seems accurate, and I was glad to see that they didn't launch into any 
libelous statements.  ;)


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