Where we all at, at the moment?

Jim M NakedI at comcast.net
Wed Jan 12 18:26:10 CST 2005

----- Original Message ----- From: "Kevin O'Neal"

> We know there's Who activity a foot.
> But, for some reason it feels somehow ....umm...anti-climatic?
> Is that pessimism, or fear?

Just you wait until you're rushing out of your local record store with a 
copy of the new album in your hands, trying to rip off that stupid plastic 
wrapper before you get to your Jeep.  There'll be some excitement there, 

> I find myself thinking about the 'what could have been.'
> Ox.

Well, STOP IT.  Yes, it's a tragedy.  But, he's gone.  We can appreciate 
what we have without forgetting what we've lost.

> Where we all at, at the moment?
> What ya seeing in your crystal....ummm.....balls <couldn't avoid that 
> one>?
> What's the anxiety level?  Who's got the fear, and who just needs a 
> pep-talk?

If an album comes out and a tour is announced and you're STILL not excited, 
I'll drive up to VT and open up a can o' pep talk on yo' ass.

----- Original Message ----- From: "Joe Lewinski"

> I will need to see a show or two on the next tour...

Damn right.  I gotta think this "this is it" is "it!"  At least as fas as 
full scale touring is concerned.

---- Original Message ----- From: "Scott Schrade"

> Am I on "pins & needles."  No.  If a tour is announced, will I be excited?
> A little.  If a new album is announced, will I be excited?  A little.

A little is enough, for now.

> It might cause more anxiety than joy.  ("Oh no!  What if it sucks?!)

I'm expecting something personal, like By Numbers, but with a more positive 
outlook, and a sound something like Psychoderelict.  How does that sound to 

> I *do* relish traveling & hanging out with other Who freaks.  That's what
> it boils down to for me.  The concerts themselves have become about
> 30% of the fun.  The camaraderie between Who freaks & the partying
> before & after the shows has become 70% of the fun.

I've never done that before, and this could be my last chance.  Count me in.

> The freaks.  The Who freaks.  My friends.  That's who I want to see.
> Beers, laughter, deep conversations, New York City,....that's what I
> want.

What's wrong with that?

Jim M 

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