Where we all at, at the moment?

simon malia malias40 at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 12 05:25:10 CST 2005

First of all - a Happy New Year to one and all.

Now Scott - you say you need pepping up re The Who. Me too! I'm with you 100 
per cent of the way in all you say about the live experience as it is now.

BUT - if it means I maybe have a chance to see a band "that has the temerity 
to call itself The Who" - again - then, that's ok by me. And maybe, maybe, 
maybe I could fly over and see 'em in the US - which would be a HUGE thrill.

Personally, I'm more looking forward (hoping) to the new material: I still 
like "RGLB" and "ORW" - a LOT.

Who, Who, Who .. y'see - it's easy (mind you, I've never actually done any 
of that who-whoing at a gig yet .. but if it helps the pep-factor, let's go 
for it.)

Simon Malia

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> > Where we all at, at the moment?
>I'm sitting here, waiting.  Waiting for any news.  News about a new album.
>News about a new tour.
>Am I on "pins & needles."  No.  If a tour is announced, will I be excited?
>A little.  If a new album is announced, will I be excited?  A little.  It 
>cause more anxiety than joy.  ("Oh no!  What if it sucks?!)
>I'm the guy who told Kevin I'd need a "pep talk" to get excited about a
>new Who tour.  I don't relish shelling out hundreds of dollars for a hand-
>ful of more Who shows.  I don't relish hearing "5:15" & butchered versions
>of "Eminence Front" again.
>I don't relish gritting my teeth, looking at Pino, straining my ears to 
>pick up
>some semblance of bass.  I don't relish hearing Daltrey struggle to hit 
>high notes.
>I *do* relish traveling & hanging out with other Who freaks.  That's what
>it boils down to for me.  The concerts themselves have become about
>30% of the fun.  The camaraderie between Who freaks & the partying
>before & after the shows has become 70% of the fun.
>That's where I'm at.
>Oh, I *do* relish hearing Pete Townshend play live guitar.  *That* is truly
>something special.  And even if Daltrey is struggling, just watching him &
>thinking, "Holy shit!  There's Daltrey!" is exciting in & of itself.
>So, maybe I should change my ratio to 40-60.  ;-)
>The freaks.  The Who freaks.  My friends.  That's who I want to see.
>Beers, laughter, deep conversations, New York City,....that's what I
>"Oh darn, look at the time, everybody.  Finish your beers.  We have to
>leave for the Who concert.  Pino awaits.  And just when things were get-
>ting interesting....."
>That's where I'm at.  Pep me.
>- SCHRADE in Akron
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