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Tue Jan 11 20:36:09 CST 2005

Rabbit has posted a new message today about a new charity CD.  There's also 
a message about his website being down, with a little llove note from 1968.  

Written on 2005-01-11 19:06:42


Hi all,

just to let you all know that I am finishing a new album
inspired by the Tidal wave in South East Asia.
I want you all to buy a copy of it when I've finished,
It's an atmospheric, cinematic, explosion
of instrumentals, sound effects, and techno beat
tunes, as well as some tracks of me playing the piano
by itself, all overlaid on top of a deadly drone,
with the ocean waves audible as well.

I have already donated to the Red Cross for that tragedy,
but thought it would be great to ask you guys to help
those unfortunate people out ther by buying this
new cd...

Every penny will go to the Red Cross.
I have set up a charity bank account for this purpose,
so when I have finished the album, please think about buying it
for charity?

If for some reason, we don't get my website working properly again,
then all you have to do is use the paypal as normal,
and just mark your order as Red Cross Charity cd,
and I will get copies out to you......
The cd will cost the usual $20 or £14, so maybe you should
all buy it even without hearing it....
after all, it's all for charity, so it doesn't really
matter how good or bad it is......

I haven't finished it yet, but it will be soon,
and when it's ready I will alert you all via this on-line diary,
so keep checking the diaries to see when I'm finished?

I don't want any of you to think this is a scam.
This is for the Red Cross and the Tidal wave fund......

thank you

John Rabbit Bundrick

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