Pep Me Up

L. Bird pkeets at
Tue Jan 11 20:06:48 CST 2005

>>Where we all at, at the moment?

>I'm sitting here, waiting.  Waiting for any news.  News about a new album.
News about a new tour.

>Am I on "pins & needles."  No.  If a tour is announced, will I be excited?
A little.  If a new album is announced, will I be excited?  A little.  It 
cause more anxiety than joy.  ("Oh no!  What if it sucks?!)

>I'm the guy who told Kevin I'd need a "pep talk" to get excited about a
new Who tour.  I don't relish shelling out hundreds of dollars for a hand-
ful of more Who shows.  I don't relish hearing "5:15" & butchered versions
of "Eminence Front" again.

So, nobody is going to give Schrade a pep talk?  No rah, rah the Who team?  

Take heart, Schrade.  Latest rumor is it's definitely coming in March or 
April.  You'll get to complain about all that new stuff in the set list this 
summer that makes the whole show into a pee break.  Ha.


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