Where we all at, at the moment?

Scott Schrade schrade at akrobiz.com
Sun Jan 9 10:45:26 CST 2005

> Where we all at, at the moment?

I'm sitting here, waiting.  Waiting for any news.  News about a new album.
News about a new tour.

Am I on "pins & needles."  No.  If a tour is announced, will I be excited?
A little.  If a new album is announced, will I be excited?  A little.  It might
cause more anxiety than joy.  ("Oh no!  What if it sucks?!)

I'm the guy who told Kevin I'd need a "pep talk" to get excited about a 
new Who tour.  I don't relish shelling out hundreds of dollars for a hand-
ful of more Who shows.  I don't relish hearing "5:15" & butchered versions
of "Eminence Front" again.

I don't relish gritting my teeth, looking at Pino, straining my ears to pick up
some semblance of bass.  I don't relish hearing Daltrey struggle to hit those
high notes.

I *do* relish traveling & hanging out with other Who freaks.  That's what
it boils down to for me.  The concerts themselves have become about
30% of the fun.  The camaraderie between Who freaks & the partying
before & after the shows has become 70% of the fun.

That's where I'm at.

Oh, I *do* relish hearing Pete Townshend play live guitar.  *That* is truly
something special.  And even if Daltrey is struggling, just watching him &
thinking, "Holy shit!  There's Daltrey!" is exciting in & of itself.

So, maybe I should change my ratio to 40-60.  ;-)

The freaks.  The Who freaks.  My friends.  That's who I want to see.
Beers, laughter, deep conversations, New York City,....that's what I

"Oh darn, look at the time, everybody.  Finish your beers.  We have to 
leave for the Who concert.  Pino awaits.  And just when things were get-
ting interesting....."

That's where I'm at.  Pep me.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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