Where we all at, at the moment?

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at gmavt.net
Sat Jan 8 21:18:33 CST 2005

>Joe Lewinski (AKA: "Philly Joe")
>Subject: Where are we at, at the moment?
>I will need to see a show or two on the next tour, now that my son
>of 11 (in 6 days) is a fan.

I just like that way that sounds.
"I will need to see a show or two.."
Like, poor 'ol me has to drag my butt to a place to spend time with Pete 
Townshend and Roger Daltrey in the same room.

I wish Ethan were old enough to go.

>Mc was kind enough

For some reason, I also just like the way *that* sounds.
What, is it because it seemed so far fetched when he first arrived here 
taking The Beatles to task?  ;-)

<I can hear JC Penney commercial in the next room.  Hearing is great. 

>Kevin:  I know how you feel when your little guy has a Jones for a Who
>DVD, or does a windmill on his toy guitar.    The fire still burns!

It's definitely becoming a part of him.
Actually, this morning it became a problem.
First thing out of his mouth when he got downstairs was "I want to watch za 
Being a bit O-D'd we told him "not now" and opted for some mellower 
bluegrass (no video).  Need some family time, ya know?
He pitched the fit.
He watched last night, and the day before.
We held off for a while and finally caved, but changed it up with IOW.
I could tell just from his reaction that IOW was a much more intense thing.
It almost scared him, in a way.
And, if you really look at it, it *is* different that way.
Then, *anything* was possible.  It *was* a bit scary.
Now, you know they'll "behave."  They....*WE*'ve matured.
And it *is* a mirror-thing, isn't it???

I ended up watching Pete's interview on the IOW DVD.
Much of what he was saying could be met with a "man, that's harsh" (calling 
Keith, Rog, and John "yarbos", etc...).
But, if you really think about it, I'm sure that's how it was.  People grow. 
People grow apart.  People move on.  And, other people, even your best 
friends, don't.
Pete is so friggin' brutally honest about stuff like that.
And, it sucks in a way, but also is more helpful than if he just sat on 
those thoughts.
Look at how far Roger has come.
In early interviews he sounded and was the quintessential blue collar stiff. 
Dirt under the nails, etc.
Now, he comes across as quite a refined and intellectual sort of a bloke. 
He's no fool.
Pete pushed him.
And, in the same way...Rog tempered Pete.

(that's my story and Im' sticking to it.  Been out drinkin' tonight.  Ethan 
and I went down the road (picture snow covered windy dirt mountain road) to 
a party.  Adults, kids, great music, food, dogs, cats, stack of snowy boots 
at the door, hot wood stove, cubbies full of gloves and hats ....and only a 
minute away..

<So, WHERE ARE WE?     That was the question, right?


>We are in the twilight of Whoville, that's where.

<Doors>  ...  "This is the end......."

>makes me feel that my connection
>to The Who in a present tense is very fragile.

Boy, way to work us up into a frenzy!  ;-)

I can relate to that, for sure.
Is it too late?  Is this final effort an unrealistic hope?
Has 'the time' past?

>So I have forced myself to be a bit
>reserved, and I've been listening to a whole lot of other music lately.

Currently in our player: Cake, Pressure Chief ; Ray Charles, Genius Loves 
Company ; Smokin' Grass, Take Yer Pick ; Pete Townshend's Deep End Live! ; 
Santana, Live At The Filmore '68.

>The Rock-n-Roll Circus DVD was a treat,

Here is where I begin to hang my hat.  What gives me a charge about the 
possible new tour.  Because of the RnR Circus DVD release, we have the 
greatest chance of seeing The Who play AQO than we've had in over 25 years. 
If ever you're going to pull that beast out again, its now.
So, I'm out on that limb.... You heard it here first......If they tour, AQO 
will be in the set.
(<whispering> Don't forget....I've been drinking.....shhhhhh..)

>I guess there's a reserved excitement in me.

I hear ya.  For me it's a kind of "I've got it all her in my head, there's 
nothing more needs to be said."
Just waiting for the curtain.
To open.
A new album.
Think about that for just a second.
A new, Who album!
It's a good bye and hello at the same time.
It hurts to think about.  Is it a good thing?  Is it a bad thing?
All we can do is hold our breaths.
No wonder it's so quiet.

>The Who seem to
>be back in the studio.

For real!
Do we even know for sure???

>That's really cool.

"That's unbelievable, if true."  (Like that, Alan?  ;-)

>Real Good Looking Boy as <is?> a hit in my opinion.

I agree.  A strong song.  Clearly worthy of a Who Album.

>Old Red Wine was not bad either.

More personal.  Needs a more committed <snicker> fan's appreciation.

>These guys are professionals.

They can do it!

>I'm feeling peppy now!

Don't let a repeat of NY happen!   ;-)

Kevin in VT

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