Where we all at, at the moment?

Joe Lewinski lewinski at icanon.com
Fri Jan 7 15:49:21 CST 2005

Where are we at, at the moment?

Great question!

I will need to see a show or two on the next tour, now that my son
of 11 (in 6 days) is a fan.    Mc was kind enough to send me a
copy of synth tracks that he uses for his band and my son and I are
playing to them.   Pretty cool.

Kevin:  I know how you feel when your little guy has a Jones for a Who
DVD, or does a windmill on his toy guitar.    The fire still burns!

So, WHERE ARE WE?     That was the question, right?

We are in the twilight of Whoville, that's where.   It's not exactly
a place, but a time and a feeling that makes me feel that my connection
to The Who in a present tense is very fragile.   I treasure this connection,
but I do not want to get hurt.  So I have forced myself to be a bit
reserved, and I've been listening to a whole lot of other music lately.

The Live Aid DVD (thanks for the recommendations and reviews Scott),
has resurrected my fondness of The Predenders, Queen, and Dire Straits.

I also have downloaded a bunch of good music via iTunes (now that we
have 2 iPod minis and another MP3 player in the house to feed).

The Rock-n-Roll Circus DVD was a treat, and I've dusted off my early
Stones disks for listen to their hits.   My Hot Rocks cassette from
1978 still plays!    I discovered that to play most Stones songs, requires
drop-D tuning.   Interesting....   I guess that's why not many Stones tunes
are covered by the classic rock cover bands I see.   Who wants to have
to retune during a gig or have 2 guitars with them?    Not everybody is
a Pete Townshend!

I've also been listening to some Allman Brothers, Kinks and Zombies.
Jessica,  All Day And All of The Night, Whenever You're Ready are
currently on my iPod.

Listening to all of this OTHER music make The Who that much
more special to me.    Not just the top hits, but it makes me
really appreciate the musicianship and the lyrical quality of
songs from The Who Sell Out and Who By Numbers.

I guess there's a reserved excitement in me.    The Who seem to
be back in the studio.    That's really cool.   Real Good Looking Boy
as a hit in my opinion.   Old Red Wine was not bad either.   These
guys are professionals.    I'm feeling peppy now!     I wish that
of Babe Rainbow could tell us what Roger and Rabbit were talking
about in that picture from Rabbit's website!

Joe in Philly  

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