Where we all at, at the moment?

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at gmavt.net
Thu Jan 6 20:04:11 CST 2005

Cool, I can still post from home without registering.

So, I was told the other day that it would take a "pep-talk" to get motivated for a tour if it was going to happen.  This, from one of the biggest Who fans I know.  I won't out him (doh!  just narrowed the field).
It surprised me.
Sat me back.
Raised my brows.
And then, I kind of realized that by even asking about the tour (which elicited the response), it was *me* who was looking for the motivation.....the talk of "pep."
And, I didn't get it!
Ya Bastard!

There's a weird silence in Whoville at the moment.  Is it just me?
It's like waiting for judgment day, or something.
We know there's Who activity a foot.
But, for some reason it feels somehow ....umm...anti-climatic?
Is that pessimism, or fear?

I find myself thinking about the 'what could have been.' 
Your death changed so much.  And, we knew it at the time.
I suspect the one in need of a pep-talk is feeling the same way.

Where we all at, at the moment?
What ya seeing in your crystal....ummm.....balls <couldn't avoid that one>?
What's the anxiety level?  Who's got the fear, and who just needs a pep-talk?

Administrative Injections:
Thanks Paul for the new digs!!  This couch over here by the bay window is sweet.  Leather?  Damn, must of cost a bit of change.  
Hmmmmmm?  We *could* use a poker table, and maybe a fridge for the beverages.

The account page was quite user friendly.  The option of hiding addresses was good to see.  The amount of control we now have is really pretty cool.
Kudos, and thanks.  (that sounded corny.  sorry)

Ok, off to numb my brain by the tube for a spell (no, not the subway, you silly UK'ers....I'm talking about the tele) and then off to bed.
Just need to avoid tsunami photo's.  I can't take the hurt anymore.
I'm experiencing a very similar shock to that of 9/11.

Kevin in VT

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