John Entwistle Band DVD

Scott Schrade schrade at
Thu Jan 6 19:15:31 CST 2005

I got the John Entwistle Band DVD for Christmas.  It's pretty good.
The concert itself is OK.  Not too bad of a mix.  Loud drums.  I wish
there were more shots of Entwistle!  He's given equal screen time com-
pared to the other band members - which is ok, I guess - but this is
John Entwistle!  The *John Entwistle* Band!  C'mon!

Steve Luongo's eulogy is a neat bonus feature.  It's not a video recording 
of his eulogy from John's funeral.  Don't expect to see that.  It's a re-
reading of the eulogy given at John's funeral, overlaid with a bunch of
rare clips of Entwistle, his estate, his collectibles, etc.

And while Steve Luongo can come across as a bit of a prat sometimes,
his eulogy is well-written, touching, & an admirable tribute to The OX.
I leaned quite a bit about Entwistle from that segment of the DVD.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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