Roger's new anthology

L. Bird pkeets at
Wed Jan 5 17:34:36 CST 2005

Repost from Whochat Forum.  Ha.  I liked the soundtract from Lisztomania.

>This is a review of Rog's Anthology taken from the latest Q Magazine:

A collection that answers the question, "Which album do Who fans need even 
less than the soundtrack of ludicrous 1975 rock opera movie Lisztomania?" 
Taken from that period in the '70's when people nobody had any reason to 
expect could make good solo albums were, insanely, suddenly allowed to make 
them, it showcases Daltery evident puzzlement at how to proceed. Those in 
search of a definitive lowpoint (beyond the mans sheer inability to sing 
with any level of finesse) should try the unspiritual gospel of There is 
Love. Live tracks merely prolong things.


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