Rog's CBE

Dereck Evans delbut98 at
Mon Jan 3 09:26:27 CST 2005

Some other lists are commenting that both Pete and
Roger have been 
and considered before but haven't been chosen for
honors, in spite of 
commercial success, resistance to tax exile and
charitable services.  
anyone like to speculate as to why this is?  It might
make for an 
interesting discussion.


Personally, i think it is because, in the UK, The Who
have come a very poor second to the "Strolling Bones"
in terms of press and critical coverage. 
Apart from us "insiders", people do not appreciate how
much The Who have done for charity over the years.Or
indeed, appreciate how much more The Who have
progressed the music from standard "hit" singles with
the introduction of synth's etc. 

I can only guess but i'm sure too, that the
politicians get more kudos out of being up Jagger's
arse rather than a barely recognised guitar smashing,
drunk like Townshend.
I read somewhere too, that Townshend turned the
opportunity down at one point. Please correct me if
i'm wrong.

Finally - and this speaks volumes for Rog and Pete -
they have never courted the approval of the
establishment al la Jagger and more recently, Oasis
and the other "cool Brittania" brigade of the '90s.

Who knows? It may even be due to, "meet the new boss
-same as the old boss", dig at people who run our
godforsaken country.

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