Singles Era

Sigel, James (N-CSC) james.sigel at
Mon Feb 28 13:07:04 CST 2005


>There again we encounter the viewpoint of a "half a Who fan."  The ones
that like everything *up until* TOMMY.
>When I spoke with Mike Watt (the dude who prompted Petra to take on
this project) after one of his solo shows he told me >>he loved "early
>Most "half Who fans" think The Who became a bit of a joke once they hit
the big time.  Gone was their precious "singles >era."

Very true, and apparent regarding Petra's review.  Years ago, when U2
was considered an "underground" band, I was a huge fan.  I remember an
interview with Bono (circa 1982?) and he pointed out that he was a big
fan of The Who's "early work" as well.  I think you nailed it on the
head by referring to the "singles" era; makes more sense out of
comparing the Who's whole body of work compared to the early stuff.

Jim in Colorado

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