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Petra Haden Petra Haden Sings: The Who Sell Out

This is the maximum in arch pop minimalism: the Who's
1967 love letter to British psychedelia, re-created by
a single female voice. Petra Haden, daughter of jazz
bassist Charlie Haden, not only covers each song, she
sings the original guitar, bass and drum parts,
background choruses and special effects, all in
overdubbed orchestras of breath. Petra's dedication to
the original score backfires in the untouchable
thunder crack of "I Can See for Miles"; her
parakeet-army voices are no match for the Who's
pop-art pow. But Haden's tender might in "Our Love
Was" and "I Can't Reach You" taps an almost feminine
sadness and delicacy in Pete Townshend's songs rarely
heard outside his home demos. (DAVID FRICKE)

-Brian in Atlanta
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