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L. Bird pkeets at
Tue Feb 22 05:09:24 CST 2005

>From Whochat Forum:

>I dunno anything about what this contains, it may be a low budget 
>cheap'n'nasty expose or a high quality cerebral analysis, so purchase at 
>your own risk!

Keith Moon: Who's the Most Dangerous Man Alive?

Total Running Time: 52 Minutes


Brash, dangerous, extremely talented, crazy, explosive, funny… Keith Moon 
was one of the greatest rock and roll stars of all time. But he was much 
more than the sum of the legend that has grown up around his life. Known to 
millions as "Moon the Loon", Keith was a loveable soul whose greatest desire 
was simply to be loved for making people laugh. This show examines the life 
of one the archetypal rock and rollers of his or any generation…from his 
highs, to his lows, from the howls of laughter, to the tears of pain, from 
his triumphant career, to his tragic end, this is the story of a man who 
never knew when to stop. This is Keith Moon: Who's the Most Dangerous Man 

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