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Subject: Re: dvd burning question

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> > MyWifeDiane's new computer will have a DVD burner (dual  format, DVD +/- 
> > etc).  Thought I'd take advantage of President's Day sales  and pick up 
>some blank > DVDs. So, for all you experts, is there any difference  
>between blank DVD- > and DVD+ discs? Is there a reason I should prefer one 
>over  the other? Will > either be as likely to play on a DVD player?   
> > > seth

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>>I prefer discs made with the Ritek dye (G04, G05, M02, etc), as it

>>Ritek make discs for other people who then brand the disc as their

I had experimented alot in the beginnig (around 2001) and I also
wound up finding that the Ritek brand discs (DVD-R is the only type I
use) are the most reliable.I found the best prices at Meritline.com.
Since I trade alot,I have gotten alot of feedback and most traders
have better luck with the dvd-r over dvd+r.


>however Datawrite with the Fuji dye types are okay (FUJIFILM03, etc)

Best Buy sells FujiFilm brand 8x DVD-R discs from time to time - 50
pack for $19.99 if they have the rebate sale going on, which is
often, you just have to keep an eye out.

>The reason I don't burn +R discs for myself, is that both my standalone 
>DVD's players prefer -R (that is to say, the manufacturers state they are 
>-R players, even tho, they will play +R discs!).

The same goes for me with my stand alone players, as well as my pc
dvd rom player.I thought it was the PowerDVD software but even when I
use the default Windows Media Player, the DVD+R burned discs will
often NOT play.



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    From: "redroanappy" <redroanappy at netzero.net>
Subject: sucks...

this place sucks...

where are the new photos...??

   -  666


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Subject: Re: dvd burning question

Most reports back state that DVD-R/RW play in more machines than DVD+R/RW.

If you need information about specific blanks and the chances of them
working/having problems, go here:


Good luck!

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