Who Writes Songs?

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 20 12:01:47 CST 2005

>>Those "wo-wo"'s and "Comin' out to get you"'s all count as separate songs?
>Never knew that.  That's lame, dude.

>It would be about song rights and royalties, wouldn't it?

This does offer a bit of insight into how The Who might regard these jams.  
There's been some discussion about whether they try out or develop new 
material during these sessions, but this is indication that these jams ARE 
copyrightable as songs, and they CAN ask for royalties, whether or not they 
ever do anything more with them.

Also they sometimes credit a particular song, like they've jammed on it as a 
theme, and I'd say in this case they pay the fee for using the song in 
concert.  That's "Countryline Special" they sometimes play after "5:15," 
isn't it?


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