"moonlighting" question..

Bjorn Ciggaar ciggaar at warande.net
Thu Feb 17 03:01:27 CST 2005

He was doing  $500-a-ticket charity event.

At 01:21 17-2-2005, you wrote:

>there's a live version of "born to run" on it recorded at the henry fonda
>theater in CA. in december 2003. my question is, what the heck was he 
>doing at
>the henry fonda theater in CA in december 2003?
>by the way, to be honest with ya, his voice was quite flat on that song.
>funny how that was in 2003 but his version of zeppelin's "rock and roll", 
>which I
>thought he did a great job on, was done in 1990. voice getting older and
>shakier. or it could be that "born to run" isn't in his range while R&R is.
>anyway, why was he at the henry fonda theater in december 2003?    : )
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