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An English Boy peter_dennis_blandford_townshend at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 16 18:54:27 CST 2005

Thank you to all who sent me the info-email regarding the
vinyl reissues of the Who-> cataloge.....

...at the end of one of the posts I received the tag quoted below, that,
indeed, makes me curious.....

Why would anyone think that any of the masters are "certainly lost?"

Did not the 3 track master, albeit incompleat, surface from
the archives of Shel Talmy, first on Ebay, then, ultimately
to serve for the MY GENERATION extended edition?

If this master survives, why not others...younger in years and of 
better tape quality?


>... So the "Who's Next" is already here. Have anybody
>heard it yet? This sounds like good news to me, but I
>have to question the availability of all the original
>master tapes, as some of them are certainly lost -
>also from "Who's Next". At least we can expect
>sensational vinyl quality, and probably a way better
>mastering job than the uneven "Simply Vinyl"-issues.
>Any thoughts on this?

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