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Wed Feb 16 18:03:16 CST 2005

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chris.frate at writes:

> My comment wasn't so much about music in general as about the overall 
> satisfaction of still seeing The Who live, even today in their "declining" years. 
> I am 42 and I guess I fit in with the "it was better in the old days" school 
> of thought, but my bigger problem with today's music is not that it's no good 
> (although I am really sick of rap and new school R&B), but that there are 
> very few bands for whom you can go buy their record, sight unseen, and know you 
> will enjoy it, like you could with The Who, Zeppelin, Stones, etc. in the 
> '70's.

well, I think U2 and springsteen are live acts you can check out and still 
feel good about it. that's just me anyway. even the hives are a good live act.   

obviously, I have what you might call "an opened mind" (not saying you don't 
mind you) so I admire more or less all kinds of music and groups and things 
like that, although I may not be willing to purchase any of their albums or 
wanna go see them live cause it's "not my thing" (ha ha). but I still admire them 
for doing what they wanna do. I don't think the world will come to an end 
cause of rap and what you call "new school R&B". that's what politicians are for 
but let's not turn this into another political discussion. ; )

there was one band I heard through Little steven's radio show that I liked 
and I got their album and heard it and enjoyed it, and i've never seen them. I 
finally did on "last call with carson daly" and wasn't I surprised that that 
high pitched voice came from a man instead of a woman. ha!   they're called 
"apples in stereo". they were mentioned here on the webring one time cause the 
lead singer mentioned that he liked the who. 

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