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My comment wasn't so much about music in general as about the overall satisfaction of still seeing The Who live, even today in their "declining" years. I am 42 and I guess I fit in with the "it was better in the old days" school of thought, but my bigger problem with today's music is not that it's no good (although I am really sick of rap and new school R&B), but that there are very few bands for whom you can go buy their record, sight unseen, and know you will enjoy it, like you could with The Who, Zeppelin, Stones, etc. in the '70's.

-Chris in Cleveland

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> Yeah, but that's still better than 99% of anything else that's out there!

I guess you're an "older" person ay? ha. it's usually those people who say 
old music is better than newer music. there IS some good music out there today, 
trouble is most of it isn't out in the mainstream. you really have to search 
for it. 
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