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by Serene Dominic

Though Bjork’s Medulla was an admirable undertaking,
it was pretty tough sledding to get through. But
somebody singing an a capella rendering of The Who
Sell Out, right down to the Radio London jingles — how
can you miss? That odd album found the Who sporting
Beach Boy harmonies nearly every song and was when
Townshend began exploring fanciful jazz chordings for
the first time. Quite simply, it’s one of the unsung
melodic and conceptual masterpieces of the rock era,
and the indescribable glee you experience hearing
Haden vocally capture all of Townshend’s feedback
assaults on “Armenia City in the Sky” repeats itself
over and over as the album progresses. You defy her to
capture Moon’s pummeling on “I Can See For Miles,” the
beauty of “Our Love Was Is” and “Sunrise,” the
suspense of “Rael,” and she magically pulls it off.
The project, instigated by Mike Watt as a tribute to
d. boon (it was one of their favorite albums), takes
away nothing from your memory of its pop prowess by
eliminating Moon the Loon and even adds a shade or two
by making you actually pay attention to its less
weightier tracks like “Heinz Baked Beans” and “Spotted
Henry.” In a pop-art word — WOW!

-Brian in Atlanta
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