Classic Records to Reissue Entire Who Catalog!

Christian Naess revolium at
Mon Feb 14 20:11:31 CST 2005

Got the following from :

"Classic Records to Reissue Entire Who Catalogue on
200 gram Quiex SV-P Vinyl! 

Classic's Mike Hobson announced today that his label
would be issuing the entire Who catalog on 200g vinyl,
beginning with Who's Next, which is immediately
available. Other titles will be forthcoming every
month or so, including the ultra-rare first album on
British Brunswick. A test pressing of Who's Next was
played at the press conference and immediately
demonstrated that it was vastly superior to the "Heavy
Vinyl" edition supervised by the editor of the this
online magazine.

The new Who releases will be mastered from the
original analogue tapes, using the original UK track
line-ups, and in mono where appropriate, with the
possibility of "Happy Jack" and other singles left off
of albums as was done in the UK, possibly appearing as
bonus 7" 45rpm singles. Or, the UK Track album Direct
Hits (Track 613 006) containing the singles will be
re-issued. There will be no "bonus tracks" in order to
preserve the original "classic" release integrity.
Original artwork and labels will be used, along with
any posters (Who Sell Out), inserts (Live at Leeds)
and librettos (Tommy, Quadrophenia). The original mix
of Live at Leeds will be used, preserving all of the
crackles and other "flaws," of the original issue.
Bernie Grundman's tube driven cutting heads will be
used on all of these reissues."

Classic Records add the following :

"Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman
mastering from the original two track 1/4" analogue
master tapes, cut on the Classic "All Tube" cutting
system, and pressed on Classic's proprietary 200g
Quiex Super Vinyl Profile. This release also features
original Track labels and artwork."

... So the "Who's Next" is already here. Have anybody
heard it yet? This sounds like good news to me, but I
have to question the availability of all the original
master tapes, as some of them are certainly lost -
also from "Who's Next". At least we can expect
sensational vinyl quality, and probably a way better
mastering job than the uneven "Simply Vinyl"-issues.
Any thoughts on this?

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