Whotabs redesigned

litgo litgo at aol.com
Mon Feb 14 01:09:55 CST 2005

Here's the latest at Whotabs:

* Full site redesign, including new global menu, new style and layout 
(plus alternate page styles for modern browsers), new RSS (Really Simple 
Syndication) feed and cleaned-up popup links.

New Pages:

* New site style selection page
* New contact page
* New Whotabs site design history page (beta)
* New Pete's Gear section introduction page
* New Pete's smashed guitars page (incomplete)
* New Pete's guitar picks page
* New Pete's guitar strings page

Tablature updates

* Out In the Street ~ Revised with new tuning
* Don’t Let Go The Coat ~ Corrected chord voicings

Equipment updates

* Pete's signature series ~ Added new photos for Sunn and ARP
* Pete's Hiwatt CP103 amps ~ New history on Hiwatt CP103 serial no. 852, 
thanks to Colin Tebb
* Keith's borrowed kits ~ Incorporated the Vistalites kit information 
and removed the stand-alone Vistalites page
* Pete's guitar history ~ Fixed missing stage 1985-86-era Washburn and 
Takamine photos

Whotabs is at http://www.thewho.net/whotabs/



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