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Sun Feb 13 21:22:51 CST 2005

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> I think unless your in their shoes no one knows what is really going on, 
> much less us fans who rarely get within 50 feet of them.  You can't always 
> take things at face value.  Example, one of my best friends of 20 years 
> and I, trade the nastiest insults you ever heard.  To anyone who doesn't 
> know us they'd think we were mortal enemies.  I've had people ask me if we 
> really hated each other.  :)

OK, but Pete's given interviews as recently as this year that say he didn't 
really care for Roger back then.  I'm thinking of something from the 30 
years DVD where he talks about Roger pretending they had some kind of 
chemistry that they never had and the new IOW DVD where he talks about being 
in the wrong band with the wrong people.

Jim M 

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