Frosty Houston

L. Bird pkeets at
Sun Feb 13 19:46:19 CST 2005

>I gotta go on record as saying I completely disagree with this "frosty 
theory you (and Keets) are suggesting.  I think you're completely 
the "However Much I Booze" exchange.  Houston '75 is one of the most jovial
& good-humored Who shows I've ever seen - & you're making it sound like
Townshend & Daltrey were ready to come to blows!

I'm not saying it's unusual.  As I understand it, there was a definite split 
in the band from the time Pete took over until about 1980 when Roger 
regained a certain amount of control within the band.  They were tied 
together by success, but they weren't friends--as I understand it, Pete, 
John and Keith would also go party together after the show without Roger.  
This split still rears its head within the Whofan community, you'll notice, 
with intermittent Roger-bashing.

As I said, these little asides are still visible in the '89 video.  This 
coldness is a part of The Who's mystique, and fans always expected the vibes 
would boil over into temper onstage, leading to fist fights, guitar bashing 
and other entertainment.


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