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Scott Schrade schrade at
Sun Feb 13 16:10:28 CST 2005

> Really?  I mean, Moon's cutting it up, but other than that, what's so 
> jovial?

Granted, it's mostly Moon, but the others don't look to be in bad moods.
Pete's story about playing before the service men in Germany was very
light-hearted & amusing.  "They looked exactly like you lot except they
had no 'air!"

> > & you're making it sound like
> > Townshend & Daltrey were ready to come to blows!
> Would that have been when I wrote, " They don't look like they're going to 
> come to blows or anything..."?

D'oh!  My fault!

> Does that sound like Pete to you? 


> He's mad at himself, so he decides to throw Roger a compliment? 

Well, I don't think Pete was overcome with grief because of the lyric
flub.  He made a mistake singing, & he then acknowledged that with
the ".....hand you back to the singer" comment.  Pretty obvious, I

> Besides, he *knew* has was going to have trouble with the lyrics.  
> That's why he's got the stand in the first place. 

Which makes it even *more* embarrassing for him when he messes 

> It could be that he's annoyed at something to do with his equipment 

You're just speculating now.  I didn't see Pete, at any time, yelling at
Bob Pridden offstage.  Daltrey's the only one who makes a comment
about the equipment (asking to have his monitors turned up).

> (he makes a comment about his guitar being out of tune), 

I don't think it was a fresh guitar he had just picked up, was it?  And
besides, even *that* comment was turned into a joke:  "Played on the
out-of-tune guitar.....very common in these parts."  (Or something
similar.)  He was making a dig at Texas.  Do you think he was annoyed
with Texas?

> but he's definitely annoyed at someone. 

I don't see that at all.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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