Frosty Houston

Scott Schrade schrade at
Sun Feb 13 15:50:02 CST 2005

> Moon is the star of this show. 

Without a doubt.  He's having a blast.

> All this was probably a normal goings on at shows.  

Yep.  Like in the '69-'70 era when Pete would give the long
introduction to "A Quick One" & Moon would bring the story 
to life with bursts of dialogue & sound effects.

There was one point, in between songs, on the Houston DVD
when Moon was screaming something silly & yet Pete was
just fiddling with his amp, completely ignoring him. I thought
this was odd at first - Pete not giving Moon even a smirk of 
an acknowledgement - but then I realized that Pete had to 
listen to Moon act silly on stage, night after night, so it wasn't a 
big deal to him.  Adjusting his amp was the primary concern - 
not Keith's antics.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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